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optical glass right angle prism reflector

High quality Optal glass 30 60 90 Degree Right Angle Prism

Feature of right-angle prism:

Right-angle prism uses critical angle characteristic. Efficient internal total reflection of incident light is one of the basic functions of right-angle prism

It is often coated with some optical films

Right-angle prism itself has larger contact area and such typical angles as 45° and 90°, so it is easy to install and has better stability and strength in mechanical stress compared with the ordinary mirrors

Right-angle prism is the best choice for optical elements used in all kinds of equipments and instruments

The Right-angle Lens
Technical requirements Tolerance range
size range 1~400mm
diameter tolerance +0/-0.05mm
thickness tolerance ±0.05mm
parallelism tolerance ±2''~±5''
surface quality 40-20
surface precision λ/10 per @633nm
bevelling 0.1-0.5mm
material optical glass or infrared optical material
coating film visible light and infared band

We can manufacture Prism in any optical material required. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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