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Adverse grinding and correspondence.

(A) graining (su) generating reasons
①, fold face shortage of crude, cutting the amount of sand hanging insufficient, the shortage is not completely cut out off the remaining damage layer caused by grinding can not be eliminated;
②, hanging aperture sand too positive or too negative, causing the grinding time when grinding the edge or center does not have to;
③, grinding tightness inconsistent, inadequate local position grinding;
④, grinding dish passivation (surface too smooth), slurry concentration is too low for too long or it grinding capacity decreased.
⑤, swings too small or too close to the center position of eccentricity, caused by insufficient research grinding force;
⑥, inadequate or improper abrasive grinding time selection;
⑦, the pressure is too light or no effect on the rod string fixture on;
⑧, the lens is a large area of ground, slurry can not enter the grinding center.
⑨, fixtures pad of paper is too low, the lens is not exposed white plastic.
⑩, speed is too low.

Overcome method
①, strictly control the shortage of sand hanging off and the quality of the process before the destruction layer must be completely eliminated before the transfer to the grinder.
②, noodle-shaped sand strictly controlled precision within specifications.
③, re-dressing of the polishing dish or replacement of the grinding pan, pan consistent level surface,
④, after copper with a toothbrush or soft brush lightly polishing the surface of the dish by dish repair rebuilt LAP (Correction), add a new abrasive powder, adjusting the concentration of the polishing liquid.
⑤, adjust swings and offset positions, so that the upper jig and fixture rotation flexibility.
⑥, re-set the grinding time and select a new abrasive powder.
⑦, adjust the position of the rod string and pressure, so that the lens can be normal grinding.
⑧, slot wide open as much as possible of the abrasive paper points, the supply of the polishing liquid to fully open a few more slots
⑨, low white plastic car or thick pad of paper.
⑩, increase speed.

(B) scars (ki) generating reasons
①, sand hang time is short, the shortage has not worn off destruction layer of sand or hang grinding scratches produced has not been eliminated;
②, grinding lenses fit well with the dish, grinding tightness inconsistent;
③, grinding or polishing liquid dish cleaning well, which mixed with impurities;
④, when the original check with the iris, improper methods (by pushing the press or not clean dirt, etc.);
⑤, handling, dangerous operation when placing a lens;
⑥, relatively soft lens selection abrasive powder does not;
⑦, abrasive paper broken, scratched lenses or abrasive pan base is exposed to scratch the lens.
⑧, process the backlog, the first processing surface grinding powder dry, turn to scratch the machined surface jig inner surface when the mill is completed.
⑨, Ranko chose not direction or lens insertion.
Overcome method
①, strictly control the quality of sand hanging identify sand true scars produced by hanging;
②, dressing of the polishing dish-shaped face, the lens and the grinding dish has a good fit, elastic consistency grinding.
③, scrub and wash dishes grinding machine grinding, polishing solution has a good filter, do not let dirt into the slurry;
④, check with the original aperture, the first prototype of the lens surface and wipe clean, gently nip, there should be no interference of light or clear plastic re-clean the surface, do not push or pull.
⑤, pick up lens, insert baskets, transportation, storage process in accordance with the "look Ichiban six principles" and "Code of Practice lens' job, not free to operate;
⑥, select the corresponding soft material of abrasive paper and abrasive powder, wipe the lens with a soft cloth or skim inserted wipes;
⑦, abrasive paper using long or broken should be promptly replaced.
⑧, the first processing surface wipe clean blue or inserted row plate.
⑨, re-adjust the blue or reverse.
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