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Cleaning glass surfaces

Clean degree have a great impact on the quality of glass surface treatment. Therefore, surface treatment before the cleaning treatment of glass for subsequent surface treatment process is very important.

1, the test surface cleanliness
The front glass surface cleaning, glass surface cleanliness must be checked in order to be selected according to the cleaning method. common
Test methods:
(1) the glass surface with a liquid contact angle method
To clean the glass surface of the inverted Sheung Shui and ethanol, it can be extended and complete wetting, the contact angle is almost zero. The glass surface contamination, water and alcohol can not be completely wet, but was significantly larger contact angle.
(2) Test Method Oh marks
With clean (filtered), moist air blowing glass surface (exhaled air), placed on a black background before, such as glass cleaner, it is black, thin, uniform film of moisture, known as black Oh marks. The glass surface contamination, water and gas condensate integrated on uneven water droplets, called gray Oh marks. Oh droplets on a gray mark, with a clear contact angle and the contact angle of the black mark Oh the water close to zero value. It is commonly used to check the glass surface cleanliness simple and effective method.
(3) the glass surface coefficient of static friction
Measurement of solid and glass coefficient of static friction is to check the cleanliness of the glass surface of a sensitive approach. Clean the surface with a high coefficient of friction is close to 1. Glass surface such as a sticky oil or the presence of adsorbed film, reducing the coefficient of static friction, such as when a glass layer of stearic acid adsorption coefficient of static friction of 0.3.
Glass surface by measuring the coefficient of static friction, can be semi-quantitatively obtain Cleanliness glass surface, thereby assess the effect of different cleaning methods.
2, cleaning method
Clean the glass surface of the lot, mainly based on the degree of contamination of the glass surface of the original, the follow-up to meet the glass surface treatment process requirements and the purpose of final use of the product, one of the optional cleaning methods may also be used in conjunction with the several methods .
Glass surface cleaning atomically clean surfaces and process technology to clean the surfaces of both types. Atomically clean surfaces required under ultra-high vacuum conditions are required for special scientific purposes. Generally only need to clean the surface process technology, to meet the processing requirements.

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