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A brief introduction optical processing technology.

Processing optical components, divided into thermal processing, and special cold processing, thermal processing equipment currently used in the blank parts of the optical system;
Cold shot is abrasive or fixed abrasive sawing, coarse grinding, grinding, polishing and centering of milling.
Special processing only changes the properties of the polished surface, without changing the shape and size of the optical components, including coatings, scale, photographic and gluing and the like. The main task of each cold working step is:
Coarse grinding (cutting) step: making accurate parts with basic geometric shapes and sizes.
Grinding (roughing) step: the parts are machined to a predetermined size and requirements, prepare polishing preparations.
Polishing (grinding) step: to make parts surface brightness and achieve optical accuracy requirements.
Centering the steps of: processing with respect to the optical axis of the cylindrical lens.
Gluing process: the different optical components cemented together to reach the optical axis coincident or turn in a certain direction.
Spherical optical parts for the current technology three basic process is:
1, the principle of generating cutting milling (cutting)
2, coarse grinding pressure principle of high speed
3, high-speed polishing pressure principle.
Generation method of the principle of milling (cutting), although the machining efficiency is higher, but the effect factors of error is more, to achieve higher accuracy and the roughness is relatively difficult.Stress transfer principle of quasi high speed its coarse grinding and polishing high-speed part stress is relatively uniform, processing efficiency is high, but it must be accurate in advance finishing mill (mould) with the surface form, to ensure the accuracy of the parts surface shape.Accurate trimming surface shape accuracy need operator experience and skill, and repeatedly finishing.
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