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Processing optical components, divided into thermal processing, and special cold

Grating is used for nc machine tool precision detection device, is a kind of non-contact measurement.It is using the optical principle, according to the shape can be divided into circular grating and long grating.Circular grating used in the detection of angular displacement, long grating used in the detection of linear displacement.
Grating is made use of light transmission, diffraction phenomena of photoelectric detecting element, it is mainly composed of grating ruler (including gauge grating and the grating) and grating reading of the first two parts.
Grating reading head consists of light source, lens, grating, light sensor and the driving circuit.

The working principle of common grating is according to the forming principle of moire fringe on physical work.
Grating has the following features:
(1) fast response speed, wide range and high accuracy of measurement.Linear displacement, measurement accuracy can reach 0.5 ~ 3 microns (300 mm), the resolution can reach 0.1 microns;Angular displacement measurement, the precision can reach 0.15 ", the resolution can reach 0.1 ", even higher.
(2) can realize the dynamic measurement, easy to realize automation of measurement and data processing.
(3) strong anti-interference ability.
(4) afraid of vibration, oil, high precision grating production cost is high.

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