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Dichroic Filters

Product Details

Dichroic Filters Product

Dichroic Filters are coated with thin-film dielectric coatings that transmit wavelengths within a specified transmission band and reflect all other wavelengths. By reflecting rejected wavelengths instead of absorbing them, dichroic filters can be used with more intense light sources than absorptive filters. Dichroic Filters are generally used at a 45° angle of incidence to reflect rejected light at 90° to the transmitted light. Dichroic Filters are used in applications such as fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry to selectively transmit light towards detectors.

General specifications

Product name Dichroic Filters
Transmission  ≥90%
Reflection  >97%
Cut-Off Tolerance ±2%
Diameter&Tolerance 0.5-600±0.02mm
Thickness&Tolerance 0.3-50±0.02mm
Surface flatness 1/10Lambda
Surface quality 10/5
Coating  Hard Coated

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