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Double convex cylindrical lens
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Product Details

Optical Lenses are optical components designed to focus or diverge light, widely applicated from microscopy to laser processing. A Plano-Convex or Double-Convex lens causes light to focus to a point, while a Plano-Concave or Double-Concave lens diverges the light which traveling through the lens. Achromatic Lenses are ideal for correcting color, aspheric lenses are designed to correct spherical aberration.Ge, Si, or ZnSe lenses are suited for transmitting the Infrared (IR) spectrum, fused silica is well suited for the Ultraviolet (UV). 

Double Convex Cylindrical Lens

Cylinder Lenses are similar to Plano-Convex lenses in profile, but include a portion of a cylinder instead of a sphere. These lenses focus light in one dimension and can transform a point of light into a line. Cylinder Lenses are available in circular and rectangular versions, along with multiple coating options. Cylinder lenses are ideal for line projection in machine vision applications or guidance system.

Diameter Tolerance
Thickness Tolerance
±0.2 mm
Surface Accuracy
Surface Quality
60/40, 40/20 or better
BK7/K9 glass
Clear Aperture
<3 arc min
Protective bevel as needed

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