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Rod lens

A Rod lens is a special type of cylinder lens, and is highly polished on the circumference and ground on both ends.   Rod lenses perform in a manner analogous to a standard cylinder lens, and can be used in beam shaping and to focus collimated light into a line. Our rod lenses play a key part in many laser and imaging optical assemblies, and can be used for UV, visible and NIR applications.

Designed for use in a variety of laser and imaging systems, these components are available in a range of micro sizes for integration into a host of OEM applications. Custom sizes, variations in polishing/ ground surfaces and additional coatings are available upon request, please contact our Sales Department for details.

Diameter Tolerance

±0.02 mm

Length Tolerance

±0.02 mm

Surface Accuracy

 l/10 @ 633nm

Focal length

Surface Quality

20/10 or better


BK7,UV Fused silica,sapphire,etc

Clear Aperture







Protective bevel as needed

Please contact our Sales Department for details.

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