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Bandpass Filters

Product Details

Bandpass Filters Product

Bandpass Filters are used to selectively transmit a portion of the spectrum while rejecting all other wavelengths. Bandpass Filters are ideal for a variety of applications, such as fluorescence microscopy, spectroscopy, clinical chemistry, or imaging. These filters are typically used in the life science, industrial, or R&D industries.

General specifications

Product name Bandpass filter
CWL 245-1064nm
FWHM 5nm10nm; 20nm; 30nm, 50nm or custom
Blocking wavelength 200-1200nm
Optical density: OD3; OD4; OD5; OD6
Diameter&Tolerance 0.5-600±0.02mm
Clear Aperture ≥90%
Thickness&Tolerance 0.3-50±0.02mm
Surface flatness 1/10Lambda
Surface quality 10-5
Beveling 45°×0.2mm
Coating  Hard Coated

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