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Product Details

Endoscope rod lens

When the ends of rod lenses are polished they may be used as circular lenses, and will have the same optical properties as a long circular lens with a narrow diameter. These lenses have an important application in rigid endoscopes, medical instruments used to view inside the human body. Unlike a traditional microlens, a rod lens will self-align to the tube diameter. Their unique shape means they can also provide structural support to the endoscope tube. For endoscopy used precision cut lenses and exact surface curvature are essential.

Product Size Diameter Length
2.77mm 22.9mm
1.9mm 19.5mm
6.5mm 43mm

Rod lens Product Paramenters

Diameter Tolerance ±0.02 mm
Length Tolerance ±0.02 mm
Surface Accuracy free
Surface Quality 20/10 or better
Material BK7, UV Fused silica .etc
Clear Aperture >90%
Ellipticity <0.005mm
Coating Custom
Bevel Protective bevel as needed

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  • +86-199 0981 7122
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