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Product Details

Fused Quartz plates are widely used for industry and science for its optical and mechanical properties. These properties make it resistant to chemicals, withstand high temperatures and thermal shock. It has a low thermal expansion and high transmission from UV 260nm to over 2 microns. 

Advantage of Quartz Glass Plate:
1)High purity :SiO2> 99.99%.
2)Operating Temperature: 1250℃; SoftenTemperature: 1730℃ .
3)Excellent visual and chemical performance:acid-resistance,alkali resistance,Good thermal stability
4)Health care and environmental protection.
5)No air bubble and no air line.
6)Excellent electrical insulator.

General specifications

Dimensions: Squares/Rectangles 1mm x 1mm to 500mm x 500mm
Thickness Range: 0.1mm to 50mm (Subject to dimension)
Surface Quality: 20/10 or better
Dimensions/Thickness: Tol up to 0.02mm
Edge Finish: Ground or polished
Surface Flatness: L/10 (@633nm)
Parallelism: <30 arc sec
Material Options: 99.99% Pure Quartz
Coating Options: AR coatings
Options: Edges polished, wedges, shapes, drilled holes & bevelled angles

We can manufacture optical windows in any optical material required. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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  • +86-199 0981 7122
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