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ZnGeP2 Crystals

Product Details

ZnGeP2 crystals

ZnGeP2 (phosphate-German-zinc) crystal, referred to as ZGP crystal, has wide infrared transmission range, large nonlinear coefficient (deff=75pm/V), high thermal conductivity, high damage threshold, suitable birefringence and good machining performance, and is known as the "king of mid-infrared nonlinear optical crystals".
Ebetter Optics can provide large size, high optical quality, low absorption ZPG crystal, absorption coefficient α < 0.02cm-1@2.0-2.1μm, can achieve high power and high beam by optical parametric oscillation (OPO), optical parametric amplification (OPA) and other technologies
Quality mid-infrared tunable laser output.

Main applications
• CO2 laser double, triple and quadruple frequency;
• For optical parametric oscillation (OPO), using 2μm laser pumping to achieve 2.5-12μm tuned laser output;
• CO laser frequency doubling;
• A terahertz wave output of 40-1000μm is pumped with a 1μm light source.

Our Advantages
Our ZGP crystal model is YS-ZGP, and the ZGP crystal of other companies
The differences are as follows:
• The normal growth mode of ZGP crystal is vertical growth, while our company uses horizontal growth Long craft.
• YS-ZGP has a lower absorption coefficient at 2090nm. Ordinary ZGP crystals suck Absorption coefficient α < 0.05cm-1@2090nm, the absorption coefficient α of YS-ZGP crystal < 0.02cm-1@2090nm.
• YS-ZGP shows better uniformity and higher conversion efficiency in applications.

Basic parameters
Chemical formula
Mohs hardness
Positive uniaxial crystal
Effective light transmission range
NLO Coefficients
d36=68.9pm/V @10.6μm
d36=75.0 pm/V @9.6μm
Thermal conductivity

35 W/m.K(⊥c

36 W/m.k//c

Thermal Expansion



Damage Threshold:
60MW/cm2,150ns @10.6μm

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