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AgGaS2 Crystals

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AgGaS2 Crystals

AgGaS2 (silver gallium sulfide) crystal, referred to as AGS crystal, is one of the most effective nonlinear crystals used in the infrared working band, with excellent light transmission performance in the visible and infrared bands of 0.5-13.2μm. Because of its large nonlinear coefficient, high infrared transmittance, low optical absorption and scattering, and low wavefront distortion, its application in the infrared field has been popularized more and more, especially in the use of supercontinuum spectrum in femtosecond lasers.

Main applications
• Frequency doubling device for output 10.6μm CO2 laser;
• Various difference frequencies of OPO, semiconductor laser, titanium gem laser,Nd:YAG and IR dye laser for Nd:YAG laser pumping, wavelength covering 3-12μm band;
• Used for mixing Nd:YAG lasers, titanium gem lasers and various fiber ultra-short pulse lasers.

Standard size
Cross section 8*8mm, 5*5mm, thickness 0.1-30mm.
Other sizes can be customized.

Basic parameters
Crystal system
Tetragonal system
Lattice constant
a=5.757Å, c=10.301Å
Mohs hardness
Fusing point
Transmittance range
Nonlinear coefficient
d36=12.5pm/V @10.6μm
Absorption coefficient
0.6 cm-1@10.6μm
Relative dielectric constant
ε11s=10, ε11t=14
Negative uniaxial crystal
Thermal conductivity
1.5 W/M/℃
Coefficient of thermal expansion
// c: -13.2 x 10-6/℃;
⊥c:+12.5 x 10-6/ ℃
Damage threshold
10 - 20MW/cm2,150ns@10.6μm

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