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AgGaSe2 Crystals

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AgGaSe2 Crystals

AgGaSe2 (silver gallium selenide) crystal, referred to as AGSe crystal, is an excellent infrared nonlinear optical material with a wide transparency range (0.73-18μm). The absorption coefficient is small, the nonlinear optical coefficient is large (d36 =33 pm/V), the birefringence is suitable, and it can be used to make frequency-doubling, frequency-mixing and wideband tunable infrared parametric oscillator.

Main applications
• High frequency doubling efficiency for middle and far infrared laser, often used for CO, CO2 laser frequency doubling;
• Mixing in the infrared region to achieve laser output in the wavelength range of 4.0-18.3μm;
• Nonlinear frequency conversion such as DFG, OPO and OPA in solid-state lasers.

Standard size
Cross section 8*8mm, 5*5mm, thickness 0.1-30mm.
Other sizes can be customized.

Basic parameters
Crystal system
Tetragonal system
Lattice constant
a=5.992 Å , c=10.886 Å
Mohs hardness
Fusing point
Transmittance range
Nonlinear coefficient
d36=33 pm/V @10.6μm
d36=32±4 pm/V @9.5μm
Absorption coefficient
<0.05 cm-1@ 1.064 µm
<0.02 cm-1@ 10.6 µm
Relative dielectric constant @25MHz
ε11s=10.5 , ε11t=12.0
Negative uniaxial crystal
Thermal conductivity
1.0 W/m/°C
Coefficient of thermal expansion
//C: -8.1 x 10-6°C

⊥C: +19.8 x 10-6 °C

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