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Laser Grade Plano-Convex Lens
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Laser Grade Plano-Convex Lens Product

Laser Grade Plano-Convex Lens are designed for high energy Nd:YAG laser applications including laser cutting, machining, and welding. The precision fused silica substrate, featuring λ/10 surface accuracy and 10-5 surface quality, ensures low scatter and excellent transmitted wavefront performance. Ebetter Laser Grade Plano-Convex Lens are available uncoated or with a variety of high laser damage threshold anti-reflection (AR) coating options. Coatings are available at the most common Nd:YAG laser wavelengths to ensure maximum laser throughput.

Type: Plano-Convex Lens
Substrate: Fused Silica
Surface Quality: 20-10
Coating: Uncoated/Laser V-Coat
Focal Length Tolerance (%): ±1
Centering (arcmin): <1
Bevel: Protective bevel as needed
Wavelength Range (nm): 200 - 2200

We can manufacture optical windows in any optical material required. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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