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Rod lens

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Rod lenses Product

Designed for use in a variety of laser and imaging systems, these components are available in a range of micro sizes for integration into a host of OEM applications. Custom sizes, variations in polishing/ ground surfaces and additional coatings are available upon request, please contact our Sales Department for details.

 Rod Lenses are polished on the circumference and ground on both ends. Optical performance is similar to a cylinder lens. Collimated light passing through the diameter of the rod lens will be focused into a line. N-BK7 and UV Fused Silica substrates are available for a variety of UV, Visible and NIR applications.

Type: Rod Lens
Substrate: N-BK7 and Fused Silica
Coating: Uncoated
Surface Quality 40-20 20-10
Length Tolerance (mm) +0/-0.1
Diameter Tolerance (mm) +0.00/-0.03
Wavelength Range (nm) 350 - 2200

Please contact our Sales Department for details.

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